Ursa International

Publications and Downloads

Here are some publications that you can download and read prepared by Ursa International principals. Enjoy!
Ursa firm profile with CV's, project lists and services
Ursa project briefs for over 30 projects in chronological order
Promotional Brochure for DuMond Conservancy
AZA Poster (1.1 MB) describing Chimp Haven Chimpanzee Sanctuary prepared for the AZA National Convention, Chicago, IL. September 2005
Report (1.9 MB) for Defenders of Wildlife and Alex C. Walker Foundation, discussing Ecotourism opportunities related to Red Wolves in Eastern North Carolina, February 2005
Report (432 KB) of the International Ecotourim Society discussing a new rural ecotourism assessment program, a guide to Community Assessment of Ecotourism as a tool for Sustainable Development, October 2003
Complete Dissertation (1.3 MB) for the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, by Gail Lash, Ph.D. Sustaining our Spirit: Ecotourism on privately-owned rural lands and protected areas, May 2003
Lash, G. and Lash, N, 2016. “Give Peace A Chance: Transforming Zoos And Aquariums Into Twenty-First Century Peace Sanctuaries.” IN Center For Humans & Nature, Questions for a Resilient Future: How can zoos and aquariums foster cultures of care and conservation?